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Associations, Federations and Special Interest Groups

Aware of the importance of international cooperation for the advancement of science, INSTICC works closely together with several other national and international associations and is proud to welcome them as partners in its activities or to arrange initiatives in cooperation with them.

While several forms of partnership are welcome, INSTICC places special value in "Technical Co-Sponsorships", by means of which both associations support each other from a scientific perspective for their mutual benefit. Additionally, in this case, members of partner organizations benefit from the same registration conditions as INSTICC members.

Current Institutional Partners:

Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association

The Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association is a civil association of private non -profit that prioritizes action with the authorities and business entities related to the automotive sector , with a view to making decisions that encourage the development and use of electric vehicles in Brazil. Its mission is to promote the widespread use of electric vehicles in the country, to make the transportation of people and loads cleaner and more efficient for the benefit of people's welfare, the environment and all of its associated.

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are those utilizing synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve transportation systems of all kinds. The ITS Society advances the theoretical, experimental, and operational aspects of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies as applied to ITS. The Society is interested in theoretical, experimental and operational aspects of electrical and electronics engineering and information technologies as applied to ITS, defined as those systems utilizing synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve transportation systems of all kinds.

Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA)

The Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA) is a non-profit business league established to facilitate the interaction, and advance the interests, of the entities involved in the vehicle communication environment. The Connected Vehicle Trade Association enables the collaboration of companies, organizations, and governmental bodies engaged in developing bidirectional vehicle communications. Membership is open to any corporation, public entities, standards and specification organizations and educational institutions.

Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association

The Portuguese Association of Electric Vehicle (APVE) is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the concept of road electric vehicle and its integrated use in a coherent and sustainable transport and mobility. The APVE has been developing activities in the fields of:
• Promotion, dissemination and information about electric vehicles;
• Regulation, standardization and incentives applicable to electric vehicles;
• Technical and demonstration of electric vehicles.
Created in July 1999, APVE currently has about 100 associates. Half are institutions, companies and diversified source entities: local authorities, manufacturers and vehicle suppliers, energy providers, transport operators, research institutes or higher education institutes, suppliers component companies, marketing or consulting, associations sector, etc .. the other half are Members of sole proprietorships decided to join efforts to achieve these objectives.
APVE is the the Portuguese Section of AVERE - European Association of Road Electric Vehicle

European Alternative Fuels Observatory